Anika Neumann
Anika Neumann

Anika Neumann AAT Level 2

HR Assistant


Location: Banbury

Tel: 01295 270200

Why Whitley Stimpson?

Whitley Stimpson offered me the opportunity of a challenging, career enhancing position along with the flexible hours to work around my son.

My experience.

My early career was very different to my current position. I always wanted to travel and to see the world. This led me to gaining work as part of the hospitality team for the Mclaren Mercedes and then Mercedes Formula 1 teams.

When I settled in the UK with my fiancé, I decided to follow in my mother’s footsteps and work in finance. I have gained experience as a financial assistant and royalties analyst, utilising my native German language to deal with clients from the UK and Europe. 

What matters to you?

My family is what matters to me most. As a new mum I have embarked on a fantastic adventure and look forward to every day. There is always something new happening and I want to give each day my all to enjoy, laugh, be happy and share.