Stephen Axcell
Stephen Axcell

Stephen Axcell FCA



Location: Banbury

Tel: 01295 270200

Describe what you do at Whitley Stimpson?

Charity and not for profit specialist working with academies, schools and the wider sector.

Why Whitley Stimpson?

The commitment to the not for profit and charity sector and the understanding of how to bring value to clients in that sector.

My experience.

I have been involved in the sector for 14 years, going right back to when I first started out, from the smallest community organisations to charities operating over the whole country and including a wide range of independent and academy schools.  

More importantly I have worked with the people from those organisations, who have just as much variety.

What matters to you?

At the most fundamental level, our role is making sure that people have the right information to make the best decisions.