Emily Holt

Technical team

My experience

My accounting journey began as a psychology student who found unexpected enjoyment in statistics. After graduating, I worked for a small firm in Oxfordshire as a trainee accountant. I gained experience in understanding how limited companies work, from submitting their payroll to submitting their accounts to Companies House and HMRC. Since starting at Whitley Stimpson, I have built on my accounting knowledge by getting involved in self-assessment tax returns, and company tax returns, and even going to visit a client to audit them. I have found that my background in psychology has helped me to understand accounts from a client’s perspective. Furthermore, it’s helped me to know how to break down what might be assumed knowledge in accounting into something that’s easier to comprehend. 

Describe what you do at Whitley Stimpson

As a trainee accountant, I am responsible for submitting tax returns and preparing accounts, focusing mainly on owner-managed businesses. Additionally, I assist in preparing the VAT returns for a local charity. 

Why Whitley Stimpson?

After graduating from university, Whitley was one of the first firms I interviewed for, and it was immediately apparent that they cared about creating a friendly and caring environment. Since working here, this is something I found they carry forward, from the intensive support they give me on a day-to-day basis to the wide array of professional opportunities I’m exposed to. Going forward, I am excited to continue developing my tax knowledge, which will aid in my ability to advise owner-managed businesses in preparing their tax returns. 

What matters to you?

In my spare time, I enjoy rock climbing with my partner, in particular indoor bouldering. Like accounting, it’s all about problem-solving and using previous experiences to guide you as to what moves to make next. Additionally, I have two dogs that I love to spend time with after work, called Pumpkin and Basil.