Oscar Ng

Trainee Accountant

My experience

I first joined Whitley Stimpson as an administrator in September 2017 after finishing my A-Levels in maths, chemistry and business. After I completed my business administration apprenticeship, Whitley Stimpson offered me an opportunity to start accounting. Knowing what the office environment was like thanks to my year as an administrator, I accepted this offer as I knew that this was a profession that I would enjoy pursuing.

Describe what you do at Whitley Stimpson

As a trainee accountant I take part in a wide range of tasks including auditing, bookkeeping and accounting.

Why Whitley Stimpson?

I chose Whitley Stimpson because they are one of the few accounting firms that allow young apprentices/trainees the opportunity to gain experience whilst working in a real office environment and learning new skills. Furthermore, my colleagues are always here to help, and they work hard to ensure that not only the clients, but new staff are welcome.

What matters to you?

I think that having a positive environment is key as it means that all our staff can work to the best of their ability. I also try to make sure that all of my work is completed to the best of my ability as I like to give clients the best service I can.