Growing and expanding

You may have also now decided the time is right to grow and expand your academy by forming a multi-academy trust (MAT) with other converting schools or established academies, or by forming other formal or informal partnerships and alliances.

Joining a MAT can give schools a number of benefits, including opportunities for collaborative school improvement, access to development for staff and improved potential for career growth, and improved financial efficiency by sharing various support services and functions. 

The benefits are clear, but ultimately you need to be clear on why you are growing and have a growth strategy in place, which should be underpinned by a plan and the right structure.

Our dedicated education team has advised many schools and academies on the growth and expansion plans, and can guide you through the various options available as well as reviewing the rationale for growth and expansion and whether this is the right option for your school or academy.

Looking ahead

Growing and expanding
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Step 2

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