Accountancy software and support

Our specialist education team is very experienced in dealing with the complexities of financial management and reporting for Academies and can advise you on the most appropriate accounting software to use and how best to set-up and configure your accounting system.

The accounting system you choose needs to be able to deal with fund accounting requirements so as to produce the year-end financial statements, provide accurate reports and audit trails to support the statutory audit process and provide timely and accurate management reporting for management and the trustees.

We have experience of the key accounting systems used across the academy sector, including PS Financials, Civica, Sage and FMS. This means that we can assist you in choosing the right system and providing you with the right ongoing support no matter which system you use.

We can also offer ongoing accounting support, including assisting with the content and production of regular management information, advice on appropriate internal accounting and financial controls and in assisting with the production of year-end financial statements.

With our help and support, you will be better equipped to manage the finances of your academy, leaving you free to concentrate on your core goals.

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Accountancy software and support
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Confirm to your accountant that you wish to move to Whitley Stimpson

Step 2

Supply Whitley Stimpson with your existing accountant’s details

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