Free Schools

Free schools were established with the aim of introducing greater choice in establishing new schools and thereby increasing competition to drive up standards. Free schools are generally created in response to local demand for improved education for children in a local community, and can either be brand new schools or alternatively, existing schools can apply to become a free school.

There are four main categories of free school: mainstream schools, 16 to 19 schools, special educational needs schools and alternative provision (AP) schools. AP schools cater principally for children of compulsory school age on short-term placements who are disengaged from mainstream education, as well as catering for 16 to 19 year-olds. 

Free schools enjoy a number of freedoms, including not having to follow the national curriculum, employ teachers with qualified teacher status or follow local authority term dates or standard school hours.

Our dedicated education team has experience of working with free schools and can advise you on the process involved, as well as providing ongoing advice and support.

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Free Schools
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