Multi Academy Trusts (MATs)

A growing number of schools are now converting as multi-academy trusts (MATs), either by joining forces with other schools that want to convert, or by joining other established MATs.

Within a MAT, which is a single legal entity, all academies are governed by one Board of Trustees (the Governors or Directors). The MAT holds ultimate responsibility for all decisions regarding the running of the individual academies, from setting the curriculum to HR. However, some or even most of these decisions can be delegated to governing bodies of the individual academies to enable more focused local control, though it remains legally responsible for standards across all academies in the MAT.

Joining a MAT can give schools a number of benefits, including opportunities for collaborative school improvement, access to development for staff and improved potential for career growth, improved financial efficiency by sharing various support services and functions, and more flexible governance structures.

Our dedicated education team has advised many schools through the conversion to MAT status, as well as advising existing academies looking at forming MATs and established MATs on their continued growth and expansion plans.  We understand the particular issues, risks and opportunities of operating as a MAT, and so can guide you through the various options available

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Multi Academy Trusts (MATs)
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