Special Educational Needs Academies (SEN)

Special educational needs (SEN) academies are designated for specific type(s) of SEN. Once a school is open, approval from the Secretary of State would be required if the school wishes to change or extend its designation to cater for children with other types of SEN.

SEN academies receive £10,000 in funding per statemented place from the EFA and negotiate top-up funding levels with Local Authorities. Students without statements can either be referred by commissioners or apply to the school directly, where mainstream funding arrangements will apply.

At the centre of SEN academies world are young people with a range of physical, mental and emotional needs. They are surrounded by the academies care and commitment, which enables them to reach their full potential whatever the challenge.

To enable the young people in their care to reach their full potential, SEN academies need specialist support to overcome the myriad of challenges. Sensory equipment, transportation, IT, medical, nursing and dedicated specialist trained teachers and support staff are essential, as well as accountants.

Whitley Stimpson’s dedicated education team has developed a unique specialty in advising SEN academies and are privileged to work with SEN academies across the length and breadth of the country.  Through this network, we encourage the sharing of best practice and ideas to create possibilities and fulfilment in young people’s future.

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Special Educational Needs Academies (SEN)
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