Starting your business

It is imperative that anyone starting up in business does so with full confidence and a solid back up from the professionals – and that means us.

We have a personal service and can advise on every step of the way in starting up a business and then maintain a steady tailor-made planning, advisory and accounting service at affordable rates.  We can act as your financial controller, taking care of the burdens of paperwork around choosing what type of structure suits you best and how to manage matters such as the incorporation process, payroll, tax and the other statutory compliance requirements.

You can have a regular point of contact and an expert on tap to help with administration so that you can concentrate on making your business a success and go forward with confidence.

Getting going

Starting your business
Change to Whitley Stimpson

Step 1

Confirm to your accountant that you wish to move to Whitley Stimpson

Step 2

Supply Whitley Stimpson with your existing accountant’s details

Step 3

Relax. We’ll handle the rest.
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