Whitley Stimpson in the community

We feel that we have a great responsibility to support the communities we live in and to help those in need wherever they are.

As a company we are committed to a wide programme of sponsorships in sport, education and the arts. But it goes further than that.  Our directors and staff are also personally involved in voluntary contributions to the wellbeing of others in many ways.

We are already recognised as Investors in Education by the Oxfordshire Business Education Service and work day-by-day in schools, where some of our directors act as mentors. Our wider activities include raising money alongside the delivery of accountancy services to local charity and not-for-profit organisations.

Among our many sponsorships are:

Our community activities are reviewed on a regular basis and aimed at creating a better environment through activities in the various communities.

We support you

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Whitley Stimpson in the community
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