Check and plan your finances

To help you to check and plan your finances, we’ve included a number of easy to use tax calculators. Click on the link below or scroll down the page to take you straight to the calculator you’re looking for.

Annual fuel cost calculator

To find out how much you’re really spending on fuel and help you take control of your finances our fuel calculator can work out the annual costs of running your car or van. Whether your vehicle uses petrol or diesel, enter some quick details below to save you working it out manually.

Stamp duty calculator

This simple stamp duty calculator will save you time and hassle by helping you estimate how much tax you’ll need to pay when buying a property, or on a property you own. Wherever your property is this calculator will take into account the various elements of UK tax law.

VAT calculator

Whether you want to know how much VAT to add to a bill you‘re issuing or the amount of VAT you can reclaim on your tax return, use our simple VAT calculator to quickly work it out. Just enter the value and select whether VAT is included or not.

Payslip calculator

Whether you are a contractor or a permanent employee, use our payslip calculator to give you an estimate of your monthly earnings in just a couple of clicks. Simply enter a few pieces of salary information to help decide which working arrangement is best for you and your family.

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