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Inheritance tax and estate planning

Few of us like to think about dying, but there is comfort in the knowledge that we have made adequate provisions for the family and friends we leave behind. With careful, advance planning it is possible to pass on your wealth to your chosen beneficiaries, and minimise the inheritance tax payable by your estate.

How much inheritance tax will I pay?

Inheritance tax is payable when the value of your estate exceeds the nil rate band (£325,000 for the tax year 2020/21). If you own your own house and have some savings, life assurance policies, or business assets, it is likely your estate could be liable. Additionally, some gifts you give while you’re alive may be taxed after your death.

Minimising inheritance tax

The amount of inheritance tax payable can be reduced by making the most of available reliefs, placing assets in trust, and using lifetime gifts. Using a will and insurance policies, to grant control of how the wealth is used by your heirs can also minimise the amount of inheritance tax payable on your death.

Inheritance tax and estate planning experts

Our experts can advise on ways to reduce inheritance tax. Working with trusted solicitors and independent financial advisers (IFAs), we can advise on inheritance tax reliefs, trusts and wills, alongside consideration of your long term savings and investment strategy.

You may find our tax tips download informative.

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Frozen tax bands and allowances

Income tax and national insurance contribution rates have been frozen for 2021-22 and are likely to remain frozen until the end of this Parliament in 2024.

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