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Personal tax planning

Filling in a personal tax return, whether on paper or online, can be a nightmare for many people.

Britain has some of the most complicated tax laws in the world and the rules are changing rapidly according to how the economy is moving, and because of new measures being introduced at seemingly regular intervals by the Government of the day.

Failing to stick to the rules including late filing and making mistakes can result in severe penalties. Finding your way round tax reliefs for pension contributions, loan interest and even donations is complex and the sensible way forward is to get us to help you in tax planning so that you can mitigate your liability for income tax.

Working hard you will want to retain as much of your income as possible. We already prepare nearly 4,500 tax returns for individuals each year so can help in that process and also advise you on a long term basis how best to look after your personal wealth.

You may find our tax tips download informative.

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