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Sweeping financial cuts and new procedures are changing the face of care in hospitals, care homes and social services delivered in the home. GP practices are being formed into federations and new community facilities are being grouped in towns to create medical centres.

The changes in services mean a dramatic change in the way GPs run their practices, the way community hospital and ambulance trusts serve the public and health professionals need extra help to run these facilities to high standards already achieved.

We can help in many ways so the health professionals can work through the changes to provide a seamless and valuable service.

Accountants for dentists

Our professionals understand the pressures under which dentists work and can help to make sure dental practices are profitable through good management. We can give dentists ongoing support in a situation that sees changes in pay, personal tax and pensions as well as staffing costs. Our advice is tailored to specific practices or people.

Accountants for doctors and GPs

With the ongoing changes in the NHS structure, tax legislation and pension rules, doctors, whether they be in general practice, directly employed by the NHS, self-employed, have their own limited company, or are a mixture of these, need to run their affairs like a business yet satisfy NHS structures. This makes it vital for doctors to consult a specialist medical accountant. Our expert healthcare team can provide a full range of advice that will stand you in good stead, particularly in the areas of maximizing your income, inheritance tax, capital gains tax and income tax planning.

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VAT on work in pharmacies

From 1 May 2023 medical services can be VAT exempt if they are performed by a person who is not a registered health professional but who is directly supervised by a pharmacist.

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