Brethertons Webinar – Preparing Your Business For Sale with Ian Parker

Feb 5, 2020

The date of this event has passed

Brethertons solicitors are hosting a new webinar ‘Preparing Your Business For Sale’ with our very own Ian Parker speaking alongside Brethertonians Lisa Jarrett and Brian Auld

The webinar is aimed at business owners/managers seeking advice on preparing and building their businesses or companies for sale, or those planning to sell within the next two years and will also cover important considerations for buying a business.

It is very difficult to build a successful business in today’s competitive marketplace, not to mention successfully selling it when looking to buy another business, or when passing ownership onto incumbent management, or selling to a third party purchaser.

This webinar will help you to:

  • Build your business by considering the legal, financial and operational elements of the three key ingredients that make a successful business: sales, people and cash.
  • Prepare your business for sale, in which 50% of owners do not do adequately, thus;
    • Failing to maximise the sale price and selling the business when they would like to.
    • Not achieving tax efficient sale proceeds.
    • Potentially putting the sale process at risk through insufficient planning due to not obtaining legal, accounting and tax advice at an early stage.
  • Prepare you for the possible acquisition of a business through the consideration of the buying process of businesses and protecting your investment.