HMRC withdraws paper copies of SA302 for mortgage applications

Aug 10, 2017

From the 4th September 2017, HMRC will no longer issue paper copies of client tax calculations and year overviews for mortgage applications for self-employed people using tax agents. They claim they have reached an agreement with the Council of Mortgage Lenders about accepting online print outs.

Most lenders have already agreed to accept the self-serve submissions, which you can see on HMRC’s website here. The majority of major lenders are on the list, however smaller ones may not agree to accept the self-serve copies as the number of self-employed mortgages is very small.

Once software companies have updated their systems, they will be able to offer a ‘print’ facility, meaning that all agents who have filed a self-assessment tax return online will be able to obtain their records instantly, instead of waiting on HMRC.

HMRC have suggested however, that if a lender refuses to accept self-serve copies that ‘agents check if they are on the list of lenders who accept them’. You can view this list here.