Seminar: preparing for Auto-Enrolment in pensions

Feb 24, 2012

Whitley Stimpson would like to welcome employers to a morning seminar covering the costs, solutions and opportunities presented by Auto-Enrolment and NEST (National Employment Savings Trust), which is taking place at 8am Thursday 19th April at Banbury Cricket Club. 

In conjunction with Chiltern Consultancy, the firm will examine the Governments plans to introduce important changes to pensions legislation that will make it compulsory for all employers to introduce an approved company pension scheme, in which its employees will be automatically enrolled in.

Tim Wallbank, Partner at Whitley Stimpson explains: “Over the next four years, all employers will face the obligation of ensuring all staff are enrolled into a pension plan.  The implementation of this starts this year with the largest companies, and thereafter there is a phased rollout, the timing of which is governed by the size of the workforce. If left to the last minute, it could pose serious administrative, financial and legal issues for employers. Even if implementation is not imminent, with the introduction of the Retail Distribution Review recommendations throughout the financial services industry on 1st January 2013, there could be considerable cost advantages in bringing in a pension scheme earlier.“ 

Not only will this focus on Auto-Enrolment, it will also explain NEST which was brought into being under the Pensions Act 2008 to provide an alternative low-cost scheme to those offered by the traditional providers such as Prudential and Scottish Widows.

This morning seminar gathers industry experts to provide companies a valuable insight into these Government changes. For further information or to attend the event please contact Tim Wallbank on 01295 270200 or  Spaces are limited and attendees will be required to book in advance.