Tax expert welcomes new guidelines

Jan 5, 2017

Photograph of Owen Kyffin, director and tax expert at Whitley Stimpson.

Tax expert Owen Kyffin, who is a director of Whitley Stimpson, one of the largest accountancy practices in the area, is backing new guidelines designed to assure the highest standards when giving advice on tax matters. 

He is a member of the Chartered Institute of Taxation, which is a top level professional body involved in updating guidance to accountants on how to behave with the highest integrity when giving advice.

He explained: “It goes without saying that Whitley Stimpson already has the highest standards when giving advice to clients on tax matters, and I am glad to be part of a movement towards continuous upgrading of those standards. 

“We are talking about professional behaviour in this respect and these guidelines also assure our customers of first class, ethical service. 

“Sadly, not all practitioners are as thorough as we are. There are some easily available on the internet who will try and get around the law, and it is these people we are trying to stop damaging our profession.” 

His comments echo those of MPs who recently deplored the actions of some tax advisers who deliberately looked for loopholes in the law or who acted against the spirit of the law. 

Whitley Stimpson, who have offices in Banbury, Bicester, Witney and High Wycombe, are in the top 100 accountancy companies in the country. They advise companies in the agricultural, business and educational sectors on tax and other matters as well as serving individuals. 

Owen Kyffin can be contacted on 01295 220914 or