Tax: new specialist help welcomed

Jul 2, 2014

Extra help provided by HM Revenue and Customs for people who have questions about their tax was welcomed this week by Owen Kyffin, director at Whitley Stimpson, the leading accountants and business advisers in Banbury and Bicester.

He said: “Many people are confused by the tax procedures and I hope that the Government tax offices will respond well to the new measures, which include higher levels of advice, albeit over the phone.”

HMRC are switching on a new telephone advisory service for those needing extra advice on tax matters from the end of June this year, although the advisers will decide who needs the extra advice. The new service is replacing enquiry centres, where people could have face-to-face meetings to solve tax queries, including the Oxford office, which closed on 27 June 2014.

Owen said: “I hope this service is successful.  However, anyone who still does not understand, or who would prefer their affairs to be dealt with by an independent adviser, is welcome to contact us.  We can make sure that those who really need help get it.”

The new HMRC service will be rolled out after a successful pilot in the north east of England showed there was a demand for extra help for individuals struggling to understand increasingly complex tax demands. 

Whitley Stimpson advises on all aspects of tax affairs and Owen Kyffin can be contacted on 01295 220914 or