Whitley Stimpson and Husky Finance make it easy for micro employers to gear up for auto enrolment

Mar 6, 2017

Brendan Shanks & Val Buzzard

Brendan Shanks & Val Buzzard

Whitley Stimpson, one of the largest independent accountancy firms in the area, announces partnership with Husky Finance, the responsible workplace pensions service provider.  The partnership is set to provide small and micro employers with a range of solutions to meet their auto-enrolment deadline.

2017 marks a significant deadline for small business owners with an estimated 700,000 UK businesses that employ staff being required by law to offer their eligible workers and pay contributions into a pension scheme in a process known as auto-enrolment (automatic enrolment).

The government’s auto-enrolment legislation was rolled out in October 2012 with the largest companies enrolling staff first and all existing UK companies enrolled by April 2018. Auto-enrolment is now a reality for many businesses but can initially appear daunting, especially if you’ve not set up and operated a workplace pension scheme before. 

Husky Finance’s workplace pension service is designed specifically for small and micro size employers.  The service allows businesses to compare pension providers based on their specific needs and is designed to make the process of choosing, setting up and managing a workplace pension simple.

Val Buzzard, director at Whitley Stimpson explains: “Auto-enrolment is one of the biggest changes in the workplace for many years and is aimed at ensuring that more employees are saving for retirement and have a pension. The Husky Finance partnership provides a perfect solution for our clients, enabling them to set up a scheme that is not just compliant, but affordable and one that is the right fit for their business and staff.  I am confident that working together with Husky we will significantly strengthen our offering to small and micro employers in the coming year.”  

Brendan Shanks, CEO of Husky Finance, said: “With increasing non-compliance and mounting fines for businesses, we are delighted to be working with a firm who are proactively assisting their clients through the complicated auto-enrolment process.  By offering clients a choice of good and appropriate pension schemes, businesses get a solution that best meets their needs.  I’m confident that together we’ll make the process of workplace pension compliance an easy and positive experience for Whitley Stimpson’s clients.”

Whitley Stimpson and Husky Finance will be hosting a webinar at the end of March to guide small and micro employers through the complexities of auto-enrolment.  To join the webinar or learn more about the range of auto enrolment solutions available please visit www.whitleystimpson.co.uk/your-business/services/payroll/auto-enrolment. Alternatively, contact Val Buzzard on 01295 270200 or email autoenrolment@whitleystimpson.co.uk

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