Whitley Stimpson host webinar on new VAT rules affecting the construction industry

Nov 13, 2020

Earlier this week we hosted a webinar about the introduction of VAT reverse charges that are set to impact the construction services industry from 1 March 2021.

Jonathan Walton, one of our directors introduced our speaker Neil Owen, founder and managing director of VAT Advisory Services Ltd. Neil used his wealth of experience in the world of VAT, having been a full-time VAT adviser since 1990, to provide information about the changes, how they are likely to impact businesses, and the actions that need to be taken to comply with the changes.

What is the construction industry VAT reverse charge?

The domestic reverse charge is a major change to the way VAT is collected for those that supply building and construction services. Customers receiving a service will be required to pay the VAT due to HMRC rather than paying the supplier.

For further information view our fact sheet here.

Webinar video recording

You can view the video recording of this webinar below.

If you’d like to talk to either of our presenters, please contact Jonathan Walton at jonathanw@whitleystimpson.co.uk or Neil Owen at neil@vatadvice.net

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