Whitley Stimpson sponsors school trip to Borneo!

Oct 23, 2017

As part of Whitley Stimpson’s ongoing commitment to supporting local schools and education, the firm was pleased to sponsor Warriner School student Charlie Skinner’s recent expedition to the Sabah region of Borneo.

The Borneo rainforest is estimated to be around 140 million years old, making it one of the oldest rainforests in the world. Charlie, the son of Whitley Stimpson associate director John Skinner, travelled to the southeast Asian island along with his fellow pupils to help carry out essential building and maintenance work for local villages.

Some of the work completed by Charlie and his peers included mixing concrete by hand for constructing a market square. In the evenings, they were able to relax by the campfire and sing-a-long to popular songs from back home in true outdoor adventure style. Once the hard work was finished, there was time to enjoy activities such as snorkeling and zip-lining through the forest. A particular highlight was the group spotting an endangered Bornean orangutan during a boat trip; as such sightings are very rare.

Simon Ockleston, who is Head of Physics at the Warriner School and accompanied the students to Borneo, said: “It really was a fantastic trip. I feel very lucky to have gone.

“The students made lots of new friends within our group and the locals too. The trip was a real eye opener for many, highlighting the destruction of the rainforest for palm oil and the poverty and inequalities of Borneo; it made many realise how privileged we are to live where we do.

“We thank Whitley Stimpson for sponsoring Charlie. He had a great time and was a really important member of the team.”

Charlie said “Seeing the smile on the children’s faces whilst we were doing the project work really showed me how big the impact was on the local community.  Thank you Whitley Stimpson for your sponsorship – it is very much appreciated”

Charlie in Borneo

If you would like to know more about the Warriner School’s trip to Borneo, please contact John Skinner at johns@whitleystimpson.co.uk