Whitley Stimpson support the Bwengu Project to Fund medical equipment in Malawi

Jan 11, 2012


Whitley Stimpson is pleased to announce continued support of the Bwengu Project with their on-going work in north Malawi.

The Bwengu Project, run by Anthony and Sue Melia, completes various ventures each year including the building of local village schools, churches and medical centres as well as generally supporting the community. 

The dedicated couple are committed to improving the lives of the village community, which has approximately 5,000 adults and children.  Part of their work is in the provision of self-managing food projects providing for orphans and other children.

Whitley Stimpson has been supporting various education projects for the Bwengu Project for a number of years.  The Bwengu Project currently run 40 secondary school education bursaries for orphan kids and plan to expand this to 50 in 2012.  To date, Whitley Stimpson has paid for eight of these bursaries and has also purchased a fingertip Pulse Oximet device for medical help.

As part of the backing agreement, the Bwengu children are tasked with giving something back to the community on a weekly basis and are set community projects like working with the local orphan care centers.

Pulse Oximeters are devices that measure the saturation of oxygen in the patient’s blood without the need to draw for a blood sample, which is painful and risky.  A special clip that contains the probe is attached to a translucent part of the body, which can be a fingertip, a toe, or even an earlobe.  The probe will then record what it finds about the patients blood oxygen levels.  This machine will be sent out to Malawi in December.

Anthony Melia, Director of the Bwengu Project says: ”Once again, our deep thanks for Whitley Stimpson’s continued support for our work in the mountain villages of Malawi.”

Owen Kyffin, Partner at Whitley Stimpson explains: “We are delighted to be assisting such a worthy local charity that delivers such value to the communities in north Malawi. Anthony and Sue are truly inspirational and have done so much to help the Bwengu community.  Whitley Stimpson recognises the importance of our role in the community and support a number of projects in the UK and abroad each year.  This includes the donation of funds along with the delivery of accountancy services to local charity organisations.”

For further information on this highly successful charity visit: www.bwenguprojects.co.uk