Who Will Be Running Your Business In 20 Years?

Sep 8, 2015

Leading accountancy firm, Whitley Stimpson, is partnering with commercial law firm, Spratt Endicott, to deliver an insightful seminar to Oxfordshire business owners on what’s involved when it comes to planning for succession. 

None of us can imagine our business running without us but the truth is, if we want to see it continue then one day the business will have to manage without us. 

With this in mind, the Whitley Stimpson and Spratt Endicott seminar is aimed at owner/managed businesses and will offer an overview of the possible solutions to consider.  Whether that be handing it on to younger family members, identifying a management team to take over, or a straight trade sale – each of which presents issues and challenges.

Whitley Stimpson Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors and Spratt Endicott Solicitors would like to invite you to explore the options in order to find the right solution for you.

Taking place from 15:30pm – 17:30pm, Thursday 5 November 2015 at The Bicester Hotel Golf and Spa, business owners are encouraged to register in advance to avoid disappointment due to limited places.  

For further information or to attend the event, please email Maria Cunningham mariac@whitleystimpson.co.uk