Wills and inheritance

Using an accountancy company to assist you in making a will may not be everyone’s choice – but perhaps it should be. We can advise on the tax implications and either work with your own solicitor or refer you to one.

It is a subject that some people avoid until it is too late and it is necessary to make sure your wishes are carried out, particularly if you have assets and personal items that you want to pass on to family or friends.

However as time passes those assets, such as your house or your business, can increase in value dramatically and so wills are naturally allied to the complications of inheritance tax.

It follows, therefore, that wills need to be updated on a regular basis and because of the complexity we advise you to talk about these matters at a planning stage because we can help you to make sure you pass on your assets tax efficiently.

You may find our tax tips download informative.

Passing it on with confidence

Wills and inheritance
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