Planning your exit

Disposing of a business is a complex affair, in particular for small businesses.

The critical issue is succession planning, particularly if the business has been considered as the owner’s pension.  Successful exits are usually those that are planned years in advance and this is where our expertise comes into play. 

Our experts can help with planning, the valuation of the business and the selling whether it is being passed on to the family or employees or just a straight sale.  We can also look after the details of dealing with capital taxes, entrepreneur’s relief and financial planning – and of course the future planning of investing.

The easy way out

Change to Whitley Stimpson

Step 1

Confirm to your accountant that you wish to move to Whitley Stimpson

Step 2

Supply Whitley Stimpson with your existing accountant’s details

Step 3

Relax. We’ll handle the rest.
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