Alan Morgan

Business Developer

My experience

Having started my financial career in industry, I know what it’s like on ‘your side of the fence.’ I have been involved in running businesses for over 30 years so I know the challenges faced by people running Owner Managed Businesses (OMBs). I consider myself to have strong communication skills (I hate the use of jargon!) and I’m proud of the fact that my clients regard me as their ‘trusted advisor’.

Describe what you do at Whitley Stimpson

I look after a small portfolio of clients and work on our strategic development in West Oxfordshire. I also head up the firm’s Business Advisory Service.

Why Whitley Stimpson?

We are totally focused on our customer’s needs and that’s important to me. The scope of services we have and the in-house expertise allows us to do this successfully. As well as being nice people to work with, I like Whitley Stimpson’s attitude to ‘getting the job done’. This resonates with my own work ethic.

What matters to you?

My passion lies in working with SMEs/OMBs to help them achieve their business goals. I love working closely with clients and constantly strive to ‘add value’. I pride myself on supporting businesses; whether they want to grow, overcome challenges, maximise profits or keep taxes down. I make sure they don’t pay any more tax than is absolutely necessary.