Clare Laan


My experience

Years ago, I had worked as an administrator and insurance advisor but then spent 18 years working in childcare including being a foster carer for the past 12 years. I then reached a point where I wanted a different path and love my new role here.

Describe what you do at Whitley Stimpson

I have two roles at Whitley Stimpson. I work mornings as an administrator and in the afternoon, I am on reception.

Why Whitley Stimpson?

A role came up at Whitley Stimpson just as I was looking for a career change and was looking at getting back into administration. I love meeting people so the role as a receptionist is perfect for me. When I came for my interview everyone was so friendly, I was delighted when I was offered the job. I love being part of such a fantastic team.

What matters to you?

On reception I try to always be warm, friendly and helpful to all clients and colleagues. I like to always greet clients with a big smile and try to make them feel welcome when they visit our office.

On a more personal note, my large family, including still being a foster mum are the most important things to me.