Kathy Bridger


My experience

I have nearly 30 years of experience in all aspects of accountancy and tax. The vast majority of those years have been working in practice. I am a strong team player with a passion for sharing knowledge and experience, committed to excellent customer service. I have earned a reputation for establishing a strong relationship with clients, helping them with a wide range of financial challenges.

Describe what you do at Whitley Stimpson

I am responsible for looking after a varied portfolio of clients. As well as taking away the burden of financial compliance, I’m always there to support clients with any issues they have on a day-to-day basis. My role involves the preparation of accounts for small and medium size businesses including both statutory and management accounts, corporation tax, personal tax and VAT. I also work with business owners and their bookkeepers on the implementation of bookkeeping systems using a variety of software. I work with my clients to make sure that their software is giving them the information they need to run their business effectively.

Why Whitley Stimpson?

I like the client focussed approach and friendly working environment. The Witney office has all the advantages of working for a small firm, but with the support and technical knowledge of a much larger organisation.

What matters to you?

A healthy work life balance doing a job I enjoy, whilst being able to spend quality time with friends and family. When not in the office I can be found roaming the countryside, clocking up a few more miles to the next watering hole!