Olivia Davies

HR Administrator

My experience

I came straight to Whitley Stimpson out of Sixth Form where I achieved ABB in law, business studies and photography. I originally joined as a Business Administration Apprentice, this role then developed into having more of an HR focus, leading me to where I am now.

Describe what you do at Whitley Stimpson

As an HR Administrator, each day is different, but the main part of my role is assisting the HR Manager with daily tasks and being available to support staff wherever I can.

Why Whitley Stimpson?

I chose to work for Whitley Stimpson because I liked that we are a local company with a supportive and professional team. The support from the company means that I am able to learn and develop knowledge in my role.

What matters to you?

One of the main things that matter to me both career-wise and personally is maintaining a positive outlook and sharing this with those around me. I also like to try new things wherever I can to ensure I am constantly learning and developing new skills.