Investing in the future: Whitley Stimpson welcomes new talent and celebrates success

Nov 3, 2023

Photo from left to right: Front row – Ayesha Mahmood, Ollie Collett, Natasha Orpwood, Micaela Cardoso, Natalie Holden, Emily Holt, Amy Osenton, Mihaela Trofinica, Lucy Watts. Back row – Will Membury, Fahad Muhammad, Sam Adcock, Matthew Bryer, Nick Ronson, Aivanne Clemente, Kieran Locke, Abigail Ravie, Sophie De Rechter, Jane Thomas-Protheroe, Kieran Smith.

Recruiting in 2023: challenges and triumphs

Recruiting top talent in today’s competitive job market continues to be a challenge for many companies. Director Jonathan Walton acknowledges this struggle, stating,

“The year 2023 has brought its own set of challenges in recruiting. As the job market evolves, finding the right candidates who align with our values and vision becomes increasingly difficult.”

Anna Wakelin, the HR Manager at Whitley Stimpson, also recognises these hurdles, saying,

“Attracting and retaining exceptional talent is at the core of our business. It’s not always easy, but we’re pleased to have attracted 17 new starters who share our passion for excellence.”

Continuing commitment to professional development

Whitley Stimpson has a strong history of supporting professional development, which plays a pivotal role in their ability to attract and retain the best people. Jonathan Walton highlights this, stating,

“Our philosophy is to give maximum support to our staff and promote a culture of continuous learning. We strive to support all our employees in achieving their full potential.”

This commitment to professional growth is further emphasised through the exceptional results achieved by Whitley Stimpson trainees. Jonathan Walton expresses his delight, saying,

“We’re thrilled with the high-level results our trainees achieve. It reflects our dedication to nurturing talent and investing in their development.”

Prioritising employee wellbeing

In addition to professional growth, Whitley Stimpson places a significant value on the health and wellbeing of their employees. Anna Wakelin reinforces this, stating,

“The health and wellbeing of our employees is a top priority. We believe that a healthy, happy team is a more engaged and productive one.”

Welcome to the new starters

Whitley Stimpson is proud to welcome 17 new starters to their offices in Banbury, Bicester, High Wycombe, and Witney. These new team members bring a wealth of talent and diversity to the company and will play a crucial role in the firm’s continued success.

Sam Adcock, Ollie Bennett, Aivanne Clemente, Ollie Collett, Emily Holt, Saqib Hussain, Kieran Locke, Ayesha Mahmood, Lucy Watts join the firm as Trainee Accountants, and Natalie Holden as Agricultural Trainee Accountant. Crystal Liu joins as Qualified Accountant, Natasha Orpwood as Accountant and Nick Ronson as Senior Manager. Amy Osenton joins as Payroll Administrator, Sophie De Rechter as Bookkeeper, Sharon Wildman as Administrator, and Abigail Ravie as Junior Business Administrator.

Jonathan Walton extends his warm congratulations, saying,

“We are delighted to welcome these individuals to our team. They are the lifeblood of our business, and we are excited to see the fresh ideas and perspectives they will bring.”

Excellence in training and development

The firm’s dedication to training and development is further exemplified by the outstanding exam results achieved by their professionals, demonstrating the company’s commitment to cultivating expertise within its ranks. 

Matthew Bryer, Will Membury, and Fahad Muhammad have achieved professional qualifications with The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, and Kieran Smith with The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.  Furthermore, Chris Buckmeier has achieved his Level 4 Diploma with the Association of Accounting Technicians, and in the payroll team, Micaela Cardoso and Mihaela Trofinica have both achieved the Payroll Technician Certificate Advanced (Diploma) from the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals.

Opportunities for flexible working

Whitley Stimpson recognises the importance of work-life balance and offers flexible working arrangements for its staff. Jonathan Walton explains,

“We promote flexible working for our staff and offer the option of hybrid working when feasible, allowing employees more choice and to balance their professional and personal lives more effectively.”

Join the Whitley Stimpson team

With its reputation for excellence in training, flexible work options, and a commitment to employee wellbeing, Whitley Stimpson is an attractive employer for those looking to advance their careers in the field of accountancy.

If you’re interested in joining a company that values professional growth, diversity, and employee wellbeing, contact Anna Wakelin on 01295 270200 or email 

You can also visit the company’s careers page to explore the current job opportunities available. Whitley Stimpson is an excellent place to launch or advance your career while thriving in a supportive and inclusive work environment.