Delivering VAT solutions

Although it was originally designed as a simple tax, VAT has become increasingly complex and can take up an increasing amount of time to manage.

Our advisors can guide you through the maze and you can be confident that their knowledge and experience is second to none across a wide spectrum of large and small businesses and other types of organisations. As part of the day-to-day management of VAT we can help to solve any matters that suddenly arise as well as dealing with the routine compliance aspects.

We also have considerable experience of planning and advising on many aspects, including land and property transactions, capital expenditure, retail schemes, pension schemes and VAT recovery and exemptions.

All business clients are offered fee protection insurance which ranges from £58-£160 per month to cover all of our costs should HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) investigate personal tax returns, corporation tax returns, Pay As You Earn (PAYE) or VAT matters.

You may find our tax tips download informative.

Partnership tax

The tax affairs relating to partnerships and LLPs are extremely complicated.

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Corporate tax

Corporate tax compliance obligations are complex and costly, and the Government introduces new measures each year.

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Share schemes

Share schemes are an incentive to staff, and we can help with the setting up and management of these.

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Tax investigations

Enquiries and investigations from HMRC can be stressful, time consuming and costly.

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R&D tax credits

The opportunities for claiming R&D tax credits are much wider than generally appreciated.

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Patent box

Patent Box works with R&D tax credits and could result in tax cuts for innovative businesses.

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Employment tax

We can give comprehensive advice on employment tax matters, and practical problems which may arise day to day.

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International tax

We offer tax planning and comprehensive information to those entering the global market.

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Land property tax

We can deal with all matters, including tax relief on capital allowances, which are complex in the extreme.

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Getting ready for the MTD extensions

Making Tax Digital (MTD) originally came into force from April 2019 in a bid to transform tax administration. There are now extensions to MTD being introduced which may affect those that are not currently required to follow the MTD rules.

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